Hand in hand ...

... is how we’ve been running our family business for generations

We uphold “good old values” and South Tyrolean traditions, but are also inspired and invigorated by progress!


We’re committed to upholding South Tyrolean traditions and ensuring our guests enjoy wonderful holidays.

The history of our hotel:

In the early 1970’s, Josef, our senior manager, purchased the plot of land for the hotel. Whilst working as a waiter in a different hotel, he helped with the building work in his spare time in order to fulfil his dream of running his own, small hotel.

It started out as a small bed & breakfast. Over the years, more and more guests became “regulars”, and Mary – also senior manager – began at their request to cook evening meals. The 2-star bed & breakfast soon evolved into a 3-star hotel in which holiday guests turned into regulars, and regulars turned into friends of the Moret family.

Over the years, the building was renovated repeatedly.

2005: an extension and a garage were added
2016/2017: new suites and sauna area
2019: new double rooms  

2019 will see a generational change, as we seek to lighten our parents’ load.
Our new approach will be family-oriented, personal and individual, far removed from traditional hotel structures!swimming pool renewed

Senior manager of Hotel Kranebitt

“In the 1970’s, I built our small bed & breakfast with my own hands, and I still know virtually every stone and every wall by heart. I made my dream come true – and I’m really happy that my wife Mary, my son Patrick and my daughter-in-law Irene share this dream with me, and are passionate about leading the hotel into the future.

I love working in the gardens and it’s a joy to me to serve guests with freshly prepared home-grown vegetables in the evenings.”